Up North Grain Bags

  • Grain Bag Filling

    Grain Bag Filling

  • Grain Bags In Use In Canada

    Grain Bags In Use In Canada

    Grain bagging technology has become an acceptable solution of Grain storage over conventional storage bins, providing economical storage for extra grain in a wide variety of crops.  Grain bags provide grain producers with the ability to preserve grain until a more convenient time is available for final delivery, processing or handling of the grain.

    The free flowing nature of grain puts excess strain on PE bags, however with the combination of leading technology and high performance resins, the Up North Grain Bags are designed specifically for grain storage.  These tri-extruded Grain Bags are manufactured providing Superior Strength with high levels of puncture and tear resistance. These Grain Bags are suitable for all human and animal grain applications.

    The flexibility of Grain Bag storage allows storage of Grain anywhere. Simply placed on clean ground with good drainage and make sure it is free of sharp objects.


    Size (Feet)
    Length (m)
    9 76 Black/White

    Available to order in different sizes to meet your requirements. Please contact us for more information


    - Designed to provide an oxygen-free environment for the protection of grains from the weather.
    - Manufactured to withstand 12 months of New Zealand UV exposure under normal circumstances.
    - On site and flexible storage reducing transport costs while/or storing in your most convenient location.
    - Lower storage cost compared to expensive conventional grain storage methods.
    - No Harvest delays waiting for storage space resulting in better quality grain.
    - White/Black tri-layered bags prevent light entering resulting in better quality grain, including colour.
    - Airtight bags prevent the need for Chemicals. No Withholding period. 
    - Designed to provide an oxygen-free environment for the protection of grains from the weather.
    - Unlimited Storage – just get more bags.
    - The opportunity to grow, store and market niche crops on farm.
    - Each bag comes individually folded and packed into a box.