• SilaCORD Bale Wrap In Action

    SilaCORD Bale Wrap In Action

  • SilaCORD Bale Wrap On Bales

    SilaCORD Bale Wrap On Bales

  • Silacord Black Silage Wrap Roll

    Silacord Black Silage Wrap Roll

  • Silacord


    SilaCORD is a European co-extruded mutli-layered film ensuring high puncture resistance.

    Its notable strength shows its suitability for wrapping both round and square bales in challenging conditions.  SilaCORD has a high anti UV content to guarantee against film degradation.


    Width (mm)
    Length (m)
    750 1500 GREEN 25


    - 5-layer, Co-extruded film
    - UV stabilised to suit New Zealand climate
    - Excellent tack levels reducing tails and increasing wrap seal for quality balage
    - Outstanding strength minimising film breakages
    - High puncture resistance ensuring bale sealing
    - Stretch between 55% to 70%
    - Plastic cores preventing core collapse in wet conditions.

    • Cover and seal balage, ensuring a tight seal while fermenting and preserving.

    • With a high speed of application and reduced equipment wear, bale netting may be perfect for your farm.

    • Proag Product’s range of different sized black/white covers reflect light and heat while preventing penetration of light into the stack.

    • Silage Tubes are a fast and efficient way of preserving baled silage in a controlled environment.


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