Proag Bunker Covers - Individuals

  • Silage Cover 1 Covering Stack

    Silage Cover 1 Covering Stack

  • Silage Cover 2 Individual Rolls

    Silage Cover 2 Individual Rolls

  • Silage Cover 3 Tough Covers

    Silage Cover 3 Tough Covers

  • Silage Cover 4 In Use On A Stack NZ

    Silage Cover 4 In Use On A Stack NZ

    The importance of buying exceptional quality silage covers rests in the value you have spent on cutting and stacking your feed. Understanding this importance, Proag Products have sourced excellent quality American manufactured silage coversto provide New Zealand farmers the best chance possible to capitalise on investment.

    Proag Silage Covers' superior strength and puncture resistance reduces the risk of damage, making covering and handling easier. Thier versatility means they are suitable for a number of different applications such as grass, grain, cereal silage and can also be used as hay covers etc.


    Width (m)
    Length (m)
    15 30 Black/White
    15 60 Black/White
    18 60 Black/White


    - Superior strength and puncture resistance from premium grade resins
    - Black inner minimises nutritional loss due to bleaching and blocks light transmission.
    - White outer reflects sunlight, reducing heat therefore producing balanced nutrient levels
    - Tri extruded film providing maximum strength.
    - UV protected at levels suitable for New Zealand climate.
    - Outstanding manufacturing technologies ensure product consistency.
    - Suitable for Grass, Grain and cereal silage
    - The ability to stand on and walk over without the cover tearing.
    - Manageable without machinery.
    - 20% longer compared to completing covers – why buy two when one will do.

    • Cover and seal balage, ensuring a tight seal while fermenting and preserving.

    • With a high speed of application and reduced equipment wear, bale netting may be perfect for your farm.

    • Proag Product’s range of different sized black/white covers reflect light and heat while preventing penetration of light into the stack.

    • Silage Tubes are a fast and efficient way of preserving baled silage in a controlled environment.


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