La Mouette High Density Twine

  • La Mouette Xtreme Baler Twine Baler

    La Mouette Xtreme Baler Twine Baler

  • La Mouette Xtreme Baler Twine Spool

    La Mouette Xtreme Baler Twine Spool

    The continued pursuit for more efficient and cost effective storage has led to a new generation of high density balers. These balers require the best and the strongest twine available on the market to endure the extreme pressure they are exposed to.

    BaleCORD Xtreme Baler Twine is the ultimate solution, featuring increased knot strength and high grip levels. Extensive field testing and research has led to  BaleCORD Xtreme Twine becoming an advanced world leading twine. BaleCORD Xtreme baler Twine is the choice for use in all ultra high density balers.


    Length (m/Spool)
    Approx. Bales
    Weight (KG/Spool)
    1250 50 12.6

    *These figures are estimates only and have not been tested. Bale count will differ due to bale size and machine used.


    - High density baler twine suitable for all high density balers
    - Denser bales = less bales + less storage
    - Greater productivity resulting from denser bales
    - UV stabilised to suit New Zealand climate
    - Polypropylene manufactured twine for maximum strength
    - Tension tested before leaving the factory for maximum quality

    • Cover and seal balage, ensuring a tight seal while fermenting and preserving.

    • With a high speed of application and reduced equipment wear, bale netting may be perfect for your farm.

    • Proag Product’s range of different sized black/white covers reflect light and heat while preventing penetration of light into the stack.

    • Silage Tubes are a fast and efficient way of preserving baled silage in a controlled environment.


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